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Thank you for visiting my site! Below I have listed my business policies. These guidelines help me to run my business in the best way possible. They help me to keep standards across the board and keep me loving my job! 

I appreciate your support of my little business and hope that you find everything to your satisfaction. I understand special circumstances sometimes arise and please contact me if you have any questions regarding these policies!



Late/ No-show

Unsatisfied guest


Please note that any cancellations make it difficult for me to properly fill my time. Windows of cancellation depend on the service being rendered. For a cut or color, I require at minimum 24 hours advance (business days). This allows me at least a small amount of time to try and fill the spot. For bridal clients, I require at minimum one month in advance. Refunds for bridal are not something that I usually offer. Please note that I have brides that book sometimes years in advance and I do everything I can to accommodate each bride. Last minute cancellations are usually not able to be filled as brides usually plan in advance. Cancellations for any of these services will be charged a fee of half of the service booked.

If you are more than 5 minutes late to your hair cut appointment, I will not be able to render the service. For chemical services (or anything booked for more than an hour) a 15 minute window is allowed, however, if you are late I may not be able to provide styling services for you. Please be on time or early to your appointment. A fee of half the service price will be charged if you are late or no-show and I cannot perform the service.  I am unable to maintain my schedule for my other guests and myself if you are not on time. I appreciate your promptness to your appointments!

I try my very best every single day to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your service! When you arrive at a service with me, I perform a very detailed consultation to ensure I know exactly what you are wanting, what your hair history is and how I can get you the results you desire. Please not everything can or should be done and I will absolutely let you know what I believe is possible BEFORE your appointment begins. If you are not happy with your hair, please contact me individually (button above) and let me know what I can do to help you love your hair!
I always appreciate constructive criticism and feedback!

I love it when my clients feel comfortable contacting me! That being said, I very much appreciate you going through the proper channels and sticking to my business hours. Please use the contact information below and not my personal Facebook or phone number. I keep a separate business phone and social media to ensure that my family time is my family time. I cherish the time I have with my husband and son and try and keep work to a minimum during these moments. 
If you would like to text me outside of hours, I appreciate you checking my website for information first. If I do not get back to you during my business hours, please send me another text, I do my best to respond in a timely manner! 
Thank you for your support!

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