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Hair Cuts

I have spent most of my career in the hair industry researching and educating myself on the best cutting techniques out there. I specialize in razor cutting and livable hair styles that work for you at home. If you are wanting a whole new style, this is the service to book for!
Want more than a trim but not a huge change? This is the service to book for!

If you are wanting a big change or if you just want a killer head massage with your service, book for this service!

This service is designed to trim off as many dead ends as possible. It takes about twenty minutes and leaves your hair feeling softer and more healthy!

Simple mens cut using clippers on the side and a custom hand trim on the top, blended to perfection!

Whether you have bangs and need a quick trim, need an undercut trimmed or designed, or if you have never had an undercut but want to try one, I offer quick trim services that take as short as 5 minutes to keep you feeling fresh between services! 

Lightening Services

MINI HILIGHT - starting at $50
Already have blonde but want a pop by your face? Or just a few hilights? This service gets you blonde pops in 15 foils or less!

PARTIAL HILIGHT - starting at $70
This blonding service gets you hilights (and/or lowlights) from your ears up or can be strategically placed throughout the hair. Plan on about 2-2.5 hours for this service depending on the thickness of your hair.

FULL HILIGHT - starting at $95
This service is designed to bring lightness throughout your whole head. Using your natural or existing color as a base, foils are placed throught the whole head to create even dimension. This can be a lengthy service depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

BALAYAGE/OMBRE - starting at $100
(As pictured) A balayage brings natural dimension to the hair using a variety of methods that creates a flawless grow out and no lines of demarcation. Because this services requires a vast knowledge of cutting edge techniques and can take quite a bit of time, the price can vary quite a bit depending on your current hair and desired result. But the results are flawless and can last a lot longer than the average color!

PLATINUM CARD - starting at $100
If you are wanting blonde hair all over, this is the service for you! I always do a very in-depth consultation before performing this service because it can be time consuming, high-maintenance and can in some cases be very damaging to the hair.  This service gives you the most blonde possible!

*These are base prices and each additional bowl of color is $20


Basic Coloring

ROOT RETOUCH - starting at $65
If you are wanting a darker color to cover 2 inches of regrowth or less, this service will cover grey's or touch up your color in usually less than 2 hours!

ALL OVER COLOR - starting at $80
Do you need a change? If you are wanting a darker color from roots to ends, this is a good service to book for! Depending on the length of your hair, the price of this service can go up depending on how much color we have to use.

TONE  - starting at $55
If your blondes are looking kind of shabby or yellow, a tone can cancel out unwanted pigments in your hair leaving you with the perfect shade of blonde or brown!

*Each additional bowl of color is $20

Combo Coloring

ROOTS AND PARTIAL FOIL - starting at $95
This service is designed to touch up an existing color and partial hilight. This adds foils to your ears and up and a root color is painted in between to provide full coverage of regrowth! Let's get rid of those greys!

ROOTS AND FULL FOIL - starting at $130
Need a touch up on your roots but want lots of dimension? This service is a foil on your whole head with a hand painted color in between each foil for full coverage of your regrowth!

COLOR AND PARTIAL FOIL - starting at $110 
If you are wanting all of your natural hairs covered with a little bit of dimension, this service is the one to book! Foils are placed on the head from the ears up and a full color from roots to ends is put everywhere else.

COLOR AND FULL FOIL - starting at $150
This service gets you complete coverage with the most dimension! Foils are placed all over the head and a color from roots to ends is painted in between each foil to ensure every inch of your hair is covered. No more grey's with this service!

*Each additional bowl of color is $20



I have three levels of treatments available! The basic deep condition is a $5 add on and a $10 stand alone service and I use the Fusionplex mask. The second tier is a luxury leave in treatment, either Redken Extreme Treatment, Lanza Healing Oil or Lanza Trauma Treatment cream. The third tier is a personalized deep conditioning treatment with a large variety of mix in's that cater to each specific hair type! Each treatment comes with my luxury scalp massage.

BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT - starting at $195
If you have coarse and/or curly hair, you have never felt it as soft as a brazilian blowout can make your hair feel! This is the treatment of all treatments and can help seal in hair color, keep your toner fresh longer and make your hair feel silky soft for up to 12 weeks.



I use JZ Styles extensions on all of my clients because they are the best quality! Unlike most stylists, I sell the extensions themselves at wholesale price and charge separately for my materials and time.  This makes extensions an affordable option for you! The costs you see here are in addition to the cost of the extensions.

Don't worry, I am super quick! It usually only takes one to two hours to put in a full head of extensions! Magically get longer or thicker hair in just a few hours!  I specialize in using extensions to thicken the natural hair and placing them so you can still wear your hair up and hide them!

For this service, we take out your extensions, wash your hair, re-tape your extensions, dry and style your hair and put your extensions back in. For this service I use the best of extension tape from JZ styles that leaves no residue on your hair and does not pull on your hair like other brands do!

Do you have thinning hair towards the front? Maybe from a baby, stress, health issues or something similar? Then you are in the same boat as me! This can be the worst feeling in the world. Want to know my secret? Extensions! (Among others). I have three tape in extensions on either side of my head to add length to the front of my haircut. And its the best thing I ever did! Worrying about your hair is the last thing you need to do. Let's do a consultation together and figure out if extensions are for you!



Bridal &
Occasion styling

DRY STYLE - starting at $45
If you need your hair looking on point for an event, pictures or just a hot date but feel like you can never get your hair to look the same at home as I do it in the salon, come in and let me make your life easier!

DOWN STYLE - starting at $75
Come in with clean and dry hair and I will style your hair to perfection! Not only does this include straightening, curling or any other hot style, this is your basic half up, simple braids or simple upstyle as well! 
UPDO  - starting at $100
If you are wanting a more complex style for your event, come in with clean and dry hair and I will use all my education and expertise to make your hair look perfect! I have the experience you need to get the hair of your dreams (or that hair you saw on Pinterest the other day!) Bring me in all your ideas!

BRIDAL UPDO - starting at $150
I have all the products and education needed to make sure that your perfect wedding hair can last through your dancing and partying! This service comes with my signature blow-out so that I can prep your hair in the best way possible to ensure longevity and proper styling. I am so excited to give you the hair of your dreams!

UPGRADE TO SHAMPOO - starting at $35
If you are wanting a more simple style but you want my luxurious scalp massage and signature blow-out, click this add-on into your service!

Please allow a minimum of one months notice for bigger occasions and packages!


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